A Real Life King-Maker Example

A Real Life King-Making Example

It is the story of one well known teenage individual many centuries ago who was kidnapped and sold to people who took him into another country way away from his native home and his family. Totally away from anyone he knew.

Remember he was a teenager when this happened.

To be specific, the land was Egypt he was taken to.

He became a servant for that family that bought him.

One day the mistress of the house attempted in vain to seduce him. He ran away but she lied to her husband who had him cast into prison. For 17 years.

In prison, the guards saw he was not typical and made him a keeper of prisoners who loved him doing whatever he asked willingly.

To make a great true story you can read for yourself in Genesis 37 trough 47 short and not meaning to be spiritual but just using the source as a means of discussing what YOU might be able to do with YOUR knowledge and YOUR character development taught at AGS Life Academy. Nothing more and nothing less.

Therefore, please do not discount the lessons to be learned because you don’t like the source. The Bible is the # 1 book sold in the world and is probably in your home right now even though not read and should be for the lessons to be learned.

Quite the Self-Help history and how to be a great leader book filled with good and bad examples to follow. Perhaps the best textbook one could ask for. If one reads it with the right attitude as a Self-Help instruction manual, it really is so encouraging, uplifting and positive and perhaps the best how to be a success instruction textbook of all time.
[A side note, not like today where there doesn’t appear to be many leaders around, but at the height of American greatness, many CEOs, presidents of corporations and business leaders of all kinds not only read the Bible daily, but had it in their offices as a reference manual in how to run their businesses successfully.]

As we say, this individual, Joseph, was brought before the Pharaoh of all Pharaohs and was made second in command instantaneously. That authority and power was not just over the land of Egypt, but over many lands. Obviously, he learned a foundation no one could take away from him, even by kidnapping and imprisoning him for 17 years. That came from his mother who raised him in the way to go.

He saved many nations and their peoples. Literally. You have that capability today with AGS Life Academy.

What would YOU do?

Is it possible for YOU to go from being an undeserved yet still locked up prisoner to second in command of a major land and the citizens of that land and power over others as well?

At AGS Life Academy, we contend, … YES. YOU can.

Absolutely. That’s what we teach. YOU are being trained to do just that. To be a king or a ruler or the highest leader of a nation.

That’s our goal for YOU.

To train kings to transform nations as well as great business leaders to grow outstanding businesses and organizations beyond people’s wildest imaginations.

We don’t know when that might happen, whether instantaneously as in Joseph’s case with many obstacles in his path. He was for one major issue, a Jew in a Gentile nation with everyone despising the Jews at the time. Talk about an obstacle!

Or, whether it might take 17 years of preparation and humbling first as in Joseph’s case.

Are YOU willing to do whatever it takes regardless how long it might take to be elevated to whatever position offered YOU?

A second example of a child being made king.

Read for yourself in 1 Kings 22 – 23 and 2 Chronicles 34 – 35, Josiah at the age of eight years old became king when his evil father was assassinated. He was a very good king people loved and respected him tremendously and listened to him as he changed the course of the times. His legacy is still quite the legacy to live up to.

Consider if you were 8 years old, could you lead a nation and how well would you do?

Being like the CEOs and Presidents of businesses, you’d dig into your Bible and find his mother (remember his dad was evil and was killed when he was young) raised him and from his birth he was raised to be a king. Think of the royal family in Britain when a new son is born, his education starts immediately.

Our point is what is stopping YOU from being educated the right way as of right now in taking over the leadership of a nation under adverse conditions like Joseph or at a young age like Josiah?

A third example of a mother training a son to be a special king-maker.

A third example is also found in the Bible in 1 Samuel Chapter one in a time everyone did their own thing. Isn’t that the situation today? Everyone doing their own thing and no greatness or unity of purpose and no real leadership for the benefit of all?

Here, a determined strong woman trained her son to be someone special and, he too became well known in the land as a king maker. He was the top advisor to kings making kings.

Today after centuries, we still have reminders of his greatness with us in Britain – the throne of David with all its pomp and royal internationally watched regality.

A very inspiring story of what one woman in less than ideal situations can do when determined the right way. Josiah’s mother had 8 years whereas Hannah took 4 years only.

Isn’t that YOUR potential in YOUR home with YOUR children right now?

That really is YOUR responsibility. Here at AGS Life Academy, we want to assist YOU with YOUR responsibilities whether you some great chauvinist husband or husbandless mother. We’ll give you the guidelines, but it is up to you to implement them.

So, bottom line – what do YOU want for YOURSELF or YOUR children? Your and their future legacy really is in YOUR hands right now. Are you serious enough? We are.