Basket Cases

“Basket Case” is defined as an outstanding opportunity.

It can be a very positive realization type moment. A point in time situation. Being down to the depths of nothing positive with ALL seemingly against you! No job. No money. Deeply in debt. No one likes you. Perhaps a divorce or family “high-volume, closed-window type discussions” constantly. Nothing going right in anything you do.

Prospects going forward don’t look bright at all.

That is a “Basket Case”.

Other names for “Basket Case” in the Academy’s perspective are “Down And Outers” and “humbled” even though they have other meanings and connotations maybe not as severe as “Basket Case”.

One could say the “Bottom of the barrel” rung of the ladder so to speak of life.

Want To Change That Situation?

One AGS Life Academy adviser offered this:

Tired of feeling like your life is progressing like a rundown jalopy? Wouldn’t you prefer to be like a Maserati?
You know the person in the mirror is not the person you can be.

What do YOU think? Are YOU ready for a Maserati or Rolls Royce type change?

Categories of “Basket Cases”

There are at least three categories of Basket Cases that we are aware of. WE KNOW. I’ve been there the President has said and was behind this Academy to begin with.

Being so low he had gotten to a point of telling himself, “Enough is enough.” He wanted out of that state. Whatever it took. He had a nice long conversation with himself and determined he would work hard to remove himself from that label and be someone. Someone special.

Want to mention up front, he’s NOT yet perfect in spite of everything done, still filled with imperfect issues he’s working on. The rest of us at the Academy follow in his footsteps.

Yet, we’ve learned a few things in the process of our upgrades from the depths of the barrel. Perhaps some of this site might help others in their process of upgrading themselves.

This is the whole purpose behind this Academy. Transforming those willing to be transformed.

Follow us as we follow these laws and principles. It will change anyone. Dynamically. It will change any business, any organization, any country. Guaranteed.

To get to the point we’re currently at, however, means there is hope for just about anyone.

3 types of Basket Cases

1. This type Basket Case is one that does NOT want to remain one, willing to do whatever is necessary to remove themselves from this category. This stigma. The emphasis is on the word “willing”.

This is the category that AGS Life Academy can help and work with and transform and aggressively seeks. 26 weeks (6 months) or less may be all it takes for them / YOU to be someone truly special and removed out of this category.

Check out the home page and let’s get started NOW.

These usually have the great attitude asking the big questions – “What is really going on here? Why do I have to go through all this? What don’t I understand? What can I learn from this experience? How can I improve on this and never repeat these negatives? Or increase the positives?”

The really BIG questions.

2. Then there is the Basket Case type who in their heart and attitude really does NOT want to change from being one, even though their speech says otherwise. In other words, they want to remain a Basket Case for whatever reason.

They need a rude awakening to become more serious, receptive and ready to join the first category of Basket Cases above.

The world is changing before our eyes right now and more and more people are going from category # 2 into category # 3 as well as category # 1 directly.

Soon, with events happening throughout the world as they are, all will be in category # 1 being very humble and receptive to change. Actually seeking it. See how to stay informed in 12 to 18 minutes a day as to why we can say that. The world is in turmoil like never before and seems to be getting worse daily.

3. Then, there is the third category type of Basket Case who is on the fence between the first two and will go either way depending on the leader at the moment.

Also in this third category are those that may not consider themselves full fledged Basket Cases, but do want to constantly seek better ways in doing things.

This category of fence sitters or partially willing to be upgraded might also be afraid of the work involved or the journey due to friends, relatives, others and what they may think of them.

There are dozens of reasons to be in this category, yet the key is to get out of it as fast as possible and do whatever it takes to do so.

AND, … get into the #1 category above.

This category # 3, we are also interested in working with directly as well as the # 1 category above even though they are much more labor-intensive in a time when time is of the utmost importance for everyone.

The Academy HOPE, LEADERSHIP and SUCCESS Program is available here online for this category AND for the second category when they decide they want to become serious.

You may check out the Organizational Chart and the age receptivity pages and consider the quantity of students desired and expected. That means the opportunities including job opportunities will be exploding worldwide.

The educational information in this program is available to them all.

AND…, at that point – when they are receptive, should they need extra help, we’re more than eager to assist. If we can assist them to go from this # 3 category to # 1 category, we’re ready, willing and able to encourage them to do so.

We really do understand where they/YOU are coming from. Seriously.

But, until they/you are a # 1 type, the dramatic transformation will be limited as they/you need to take ownership of what is available.

The old adage of one can take a horse to the water, but one cannot force the horse to drink is appropriate, don’t you think? One can add a little salt (like huge discounts and even offering the program for free in Full Scholarships) to the oats next to the water, but still if the horse refuses to eat the oats, then it may still not be willing to drink.

Which Type Are YOU? Are YOU The Type AGS Life Academy Is Looking For? Actually seeking?

If you are or could consider yourself part of the first category of Basket Case above, we’re interested in working with YOU. Especially those who consider themselves on the bottom of the Social Register. You have a different fundamental attitude we love to work with.

It is time for change. BEFORE it is FORCED upon you.

If YOU have almost a hungering and thirsting for a change like a drowning person in an ocean with nothing seen what-so-ever in the area or known is in the distant horizon, YOU have a phenomenal potential. And I do mean phenomenal potential. Seriously.

Time to look up and think of brighter days ahead.

We’ve seen the greatest and most profound turn-around success with this type attitude that almost any change is better than where one is at the moment.

A time for a major turn around in your situation, somehow.

And no money or time is available to go towards the change or make a change. Hence, one of the reasons the Academy has some free components. We KNOW what it’s like.

Actually, all the courses are available FREE. Partially for this reason.

We know what it is like to be broke and a down-and-outer-nothing.

Quite frankly, these type of “Basket Cases” quite often make the best prospects as far as AGS Life Academy is concerned. AGS Life Academy has the best results with these type individuals, families and/or small businesses. Or, even nations.

We can transform any of those within 26 weeks (6 months). We’re social re-engineers of dramatic change. Change for the positive. Profound positives.

But, AGS Life Academy has also found that all can be worked with and improved, if they are willing. Haven’t found any that couldn’t be at least, tweaked, … yet!

[Click here for a quick side note.]

Therefore, AGS Life Academy is looking for those WILLING to do whatever to no longer be a Basket Case again, with the emphasis on the word “willing” as in category # 1 above.

Those, AGS Life Academy can transform in 26 weeks or less to be Rolls Royce type best of the best leaders and a whole lot more…

Or, Not Being A Basket Case, Are You Just Looking For Tweaking Or Upgrading?

Or, do you NOT consider yourself a Basket Case but just want to be tweaked or upgraded?

You, too, can be helped. We guarantee it.

Shall we get started? Check out what YOU might be like in 6 months.

Now, … having stated the above, … consider…

Having stated the above, consider the following quick PowerPoint presentation.

[Hopefully, you have Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer. If not, the internet has viewer software to open the presentations so a little searching may be in order. It would be worth finding so this short presentation can be watched and listened to. Do turn your speakers on. Don’t know who to give credit for this. It was sent the President in an email. You may want to do the same, hopefully with a quick notation of the Academy you got it from. Click between slides to go to the next.]

Poor and Rich Friends.

It’s all about attitude. What’s YOUR attitude like? Are you receptive and how receptive are YOU? … at this time?

In other words, EVERYONE needs AGS Life Academy for different reasons. Therefore, check out How to get the most out of the Academy and let’s get started, shall we?