Certificate Program

The FULL Certificate Program

This section covers the FULL “Foundation” Certificate Program and what is expected of both – AGS Life Academy and the student.

Much more interactive than the Auditing Program but not as much as the more involved Diploma Program.

Textbooks are expected to be acquired as suggested elsewhere.

The FULL Academy “Foundation” Certificate program is a true and FULL Self-Help education course in learning practical Self Improvement street smarts.

Students may take this program from anywhere in the world any time of the day or night at their own pace. In other words, 24/7/365.

In essence, you, the student, will learn how to live life much more abundantly, while getting your life and finances in order in all 7 Areas of Life AND raising your standards in the process.

The Academy builds in flexibility & balance with no stress. Happiness, hope galore and energized vitality will exude from you like you never thought possible.

This Academy is a social re-engineering Academy tweaking and transforming its students beyond their wildest imagination. Guaranteed.

Quite the by-product, wouldn’t you say?

It won’t happen overnight, but it will over time. Count on it. Actually, you and others will see progress within the first 30 days.

Others will begin to envy and look to you in how you did what you are doing. At the same time, you will be taught how to become a Rolls Royce type best-of-the-best high caliber leader.

The Certificate Of Completion Program – targeted towards 4 types of students:

a.) you who are the high school student – to help you decide the direction going forward as well as to obtain a more solid streets-smarts background & energizingly magnetic character and personality,
b.) you who are the college student – as you approach getting out into the “real” world giving you an inner sense of confidence and beauty you could get no other way,
c.) you who are the ever-expanding re-education/up-grading Self-Helper – once you have a certain amount of real-life experience and you have acquired some reality in the real world (both good and bad), so you can be tweaked even more,
d.) for you later in life – interested in teaching your offspring or extended offspring and/or others. Consider the subject of ages as well as Job Opportunities.

The Certificate Program is based on the entire online AGS Life Academy as well as the 11 textbooks. In other words, you will learn much more about:

1. Goal setting and Value Determination

2. How to be organized including Time Management

3. How to be healthier in 26 weeks (6 months) with benefits seen within 30 days

4. Comprehensive Financial Planning fundamentals and how to tailor them to YOU and YOUR family

5. Human relations and communication skills to have your ideas received as a magnet would do to iron. Within the family, at work and in society

6. Take charge leadership skills you can implement almost immediately at all levels of the home, society, business, industry and government

7. Character development with the best of traits while eliminating the negatives

8. How to double your income within 6 months, … or at least earn a 6 or 7 figure income within the first year … unless you don’t want to

9. How to dress and carry on for success

10. Lots of encouragement galore

11. The merits of and how to stay informed in 12 to 18 minutes a day … internationally, nationally and locally. AND then project the future realistically so YOU can be ahead of your peers pro-actively

12. Learning the skill to THINK while discerning what’s truly important

13. How to read between the lines using “5 questions to ask your daughter’s potential dates ahead of time” as an example

14. Step by step simple outline in how to achieve YOUR dreams or ANY project

15. Motivation to increase ambition and self-motivation to a higher stick-to-it-iveness level

16. Learn lessons to go from poverty to 200 million a year income

17. Secrets of outstanding Customer Service beyond the norm

… and more. Lots more.

Do Refer to The Diploma Program

Please see the Diploma Program for more details about the 25 Questions assignment and other aspects of various assignments. The Diploma Program has a more complete explanation of some of what is required for the Certificate of Completion as more is expected for a Diploma from AGS Life Academy.

Your Assignment for a Certificate of Completion

At the conclusion of each Module of The Foundation Program, list out 25 questions to show you have gone through that Module.

Create, in essence, 25 questions as if YOU were the teacher teaching that class. The questions should be created to verify whether someone else had done the assignment of that Module. Also list out the corresponding answers to your questions.

These questions can be a combination of True or False, Fill in the blank, matching, brief essay or whatever you choose. Show YOUR creativity but should NOT be trick type questions to “catch” someone.

More to “help” someone learn the material. To verify the assignment was done.

At least one question should combine previous Modules in how they individually fit together.

Does Several Things

This does several things. It first shows us that YOU yourself went through the program. It also shows us that YOU can think. And rationalize. And tells us what YOU got out of the specific program. It builds on each previous Module.

In addition, it tells us whether you can follow directions. This is extremely important in an age work ethics leave a lot to be desired and almost daily dropping in standards. And an age of the super brief 140 character response.

It also raises your standards in multiple ways. You will have to follow through and not do just the minimum. We’re looking for more than the minimum. And, you are in charge of everything.

It also begins getting YOU to think in training others, which is part of what the whole AGS Life Academy experience is all about.

Part of a leader’s job description is teaching and that is what we want you to show us you can do. Especially, as you combine several Modules’ material together.

Quality Rolls Royce type best-of-the-best leaders lead by helping others. Not “getting” others.

Traits which are what you are learning to do at the Academy.

It also shows your creativity as you choose what type of simple questions you want to create.

It will moreover show whether you do the minimum or put yourself into the project giving you the opportunity of doing more than is expected.

Isn’t that what you’d expect from graduates of AGS Life Academy?

Any Certificate of Completion or Diploma from AGS Life Academy means something. They are NOT just a gift or bought. You the student will have skills and talents that will open flood-gates of opportunities worldwide. They are earned and truly mean something.

To Receive A Certificate Of Completion

At the conclusion of your time with AGS Life Academy, whether it takes 26 weeks or less or perhaps a full year, and having received the 25 questions per section or program, an overall Certificate of Completion will be forthcoming.

The Overall Certificate Of Completion of The Foundation Program will include the following sections. Each Module section should have had 25 questions to qualify for the Overall Certificate Program Certificate.

– The Prerequisites

– Orientation – Part 1
– Orientation – Part 2
– The Typical Day
– Obvious Adams

Module 1 – Motivation & Drive
Module 2 – Human Relations & Emotions – establishing & building & maintaining & controlling
Module 3 – Work Ethics; Lessons to be learned living life & going from poverty to 200 million a year
Module 4 – Being a man &/or being a woman &/or being a family fully
Module 5 – Putting it all together tailored to YOU going forward
Module 6 – Beyond AGS Life Academy – Congratulations! You now have a major responsibility – Go And Enjoy Life

For the overall Certificate, include questions concerning each of the following sections… as well as those above. Again, please see the Diploma Program 25 Questions section for more instruction details.

– Goals Setting & Values Determination – 10 questions
– How to stay informed – 10 questions
– How to be healthy – 10 questions
– Life Finances … Made Simple – 10 questions
– Organization & Time Management – 10 questions

… AND …

Also for the overall Certificate, you will need at least 6 brief papers on Music Appreciation. You should have gone to at least 6 classical concerts (one per Module on the average) and written a paper on each. AGS Life Academy recommends being balanced as all work and no play makes the child a dull one as the saying goes.

… AND Your Story …

Enclose a short comment about YOUR story. What YOU got out of AGS Life Academy or The Foundation – good, bad or whatever. With your permission, future students MAY see your input somewhere on the site. Indicate how you would like to receive your Certificate – by mail or by email AND the correct spelling of YOUR name on the Certificate.

The Certificate Program Investment – $497

Includes $397 for the Prerequisites and the 6 Foundation Program Modules plus the $100 for the final overall Certificate of Completion application fee.

This all inclusive program breaks down to be $56.75 each for the initial Prerequisites Module and the 6 individual “Foundation” Modules as well as the $100 final request fee for the Certificate for a combined Certificate Program fee of $497 or $71 a month for 7 months. Don’t forget the initial $50 Registration fee.

With the Certificate of Completion, an opportunity may exist…

Having completed the program and acquired the Certificate of Completion, would YOU be interested in joining the AGS Life Academy unofficial speakers bureau or assisting headquarters in some capacity?

Perhaps, you might be a guest speaker or even a featured speaker to expound on the merits of AGS Life Academy to others as well as perhaps speak on certain aspects of the program.

You will automatically be enrolled in the AGS Life Academy alumni with your permission.

Please write us of YOUR interests. We are open and eager to hear from For Credit students at any stage of their development.

Additional Support Items

Additional support items may include newsletters, emails-blasts, fax-blasts, webinars, seminars, CDs/DVDs, Bootcamps, personal letters and correspondence, books and a multitude of other possibilities.

Hence, we suggest to register and tell us of your interests so we can tailor some of the material around YOU.

By the way, serious congratulations on a wise decision for your future with deep sincerity is in order. Your decision really could change your life profoundly in the super positive.