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Please read every word! DO NOT skim! If you don’t understand something, consider looking the word up in a dictionary. Don’t assume.


Simple Question and a Thought

Mission Statement & Syllabus

11 Textbooks

Job Opportunities

Auditing Vs. For Credit Programs Overview

3 Student Involvement options

A 4th option

Work Study Program

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Groups to Nations

Simple Question and a Thought

Mark Twain said, “Plan for the future, because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life.”

Do you have a plan for your future? Your nation’s future? Your business’ future? Your organization’s future? YOUR future?

This is where Smart Leaders learn to be above-the-norm outstandingly smarter. Full of wisdom. Smart practical superior wisdom.

AGS Life Academy introduces a series of highly concentrated and structured liberal arts courses for the success-oriented for different levels of international-oriented students.

Please understand we wrote the more-than-expected, full-disclosure manuals on winning customer service and several other life-skills programs. i.e. how to be organized, effective time management, how to double or triple income in 6 months and more… We teach so YOU may not only KNOW the factoids presented, but practice what you learned in the process.

And more importantly the Whys behind it all. To get YOU, the student, to think and think for yourself.

A true Self-Help practical institution available online 24/7 at the convenience of the student.

Mission Statement & Syllabus

Please see the fundamental outline (Mission Statement & Syllabus) of what is to be learned at AGS Life Academy. And why. The method of enrollment or how you as a student will learn it all is your choice.

You may want to be on the fast track and attack the material aggressively yet diligently and seriously, with vision of getting through the material in less than 26 weeks (6 months). Perhaps in 5 to 8 weeks more full time than the planned 1 hour a day regular plan in 26 weeks or 6 months.

Or, you, because of certain issues before you currently, may want to get involved but do so more slowly and yet deliberately looking at the end-result as your goal taking longer than the planned 26 weeks.

The end result is still the same, an outstanding successful leader filled with dynamic hope and tremendous vision loved by all above, below and around you building them to do likewise sucking you forward with ever-increasing authority to do even more.

The profits and benefits galore, the happiness, the harmony, the peace, the caring and true amazement are just a few of what others will be saying about your leadership.

11 Textbooks

There are 11 textbooks required for the FULL program regardless of the Program you may select to enroll in. The student may obtain these textbooks anywhere they wish.

The Academy does NOT earn anything from these course works whether you obtain them from,, Barnes N Nobles or wherever.

We do offer links for some sources but they are suggestions for your consideration.

Your investment for them combined should NOT be expected to be more than $150. We suggest obtaining them all up front, but you may obtain them over time as long as you have them in time for each Module they are used for.

And that investment should be for ALL 10 course books combined sent to your home or office. That is NOT for each textbook to be obtained in the local dispensary as in most educational institutions.

Some students may already have some of these textbooks, these treasurers, in their own personal library.

Please remember that it is the information in these books which are important and therefore pre-owned books are fine. We suggest hardcopies to write notes in to continue using them as source work after the Course has been completed so do plan on keeping them in your own personal library.

Job Opportunities

We are aggressively looking for 100 graduates in each country urgently. We’re also urgently and aggressively looking for teachers worldwide. Please see the various Job Opportunities page.

Auditing Vs. For Credit Programs Overview

The 8 levels of student involvement begin with the more formal Academic FULL programs centered around for Credit Programs.

Currently, there are two programs for credit – the Certificate Program and the Diploma Program.

A third level of free student online Auditing involvement of the material is also available. No attendance is conducted. Nor any quizzes, tests or other homework assignments to be turned in and therefore no grades will be provided. A true Self-Help & Self Improvement type course at the full pace of the student.

The Consultant Program, the Masters Program and the Private Prep Academy are not yet available.

Upgrading from one program to another can be done at any time without a new registration fee. Just a simple email would suffice. And, of course, the obvious difference in fee should be supplied.

As each program is more involved, when one upgrades, they would go back to the beginning of the entire program from the standpoint of the upgraded program assignments & requirements.

For Groups of 10 or more, 100 or more, or thousands or more, … or for a whole country, or a specific language, write us to ask what can be done or propose what YOU would suggest.

3 Student Involvement options

1. The Diploma Program with full fledged highly structured interaction between student and the Academy is $2097 for the full course or $ 299.57 a month for 7 months.

2. The Certificate Program with much interaction between student and the Academy is $ 497 for the full course or $ 71 a month for 7 months.

3. The FREE Audit Program is FREE and will always be there and will continue to be FREE. It is available for anyone who would like the FULL program without any interaction from the Academy in a total Self-Help format.

A 4th option

An “eWorkBook Manual option” is the same FULL program as the Audit Program above, but a donation is suggested called an eBook donation of $24.95 for a win-win situation both ways.

You as student get to go through the entire FULL “Foundation” Program in an auditing format (something for you) while giving the Academy a token contribution (something for the Academy) for allowing you to do so.

To register directly for the eWorkBook Manual Option, click here.

Work Study Program

The Work Study Program is designed in ALL AGS Academy Programs. Some more than others. That is the way of the Academy.

We do want students to learn this giving, sharing, cooperating first hand getting them to incorporate this volunteering way of life expecting nothing in return in their thinking as part of life. Not everything is for profit, money, greed, self. Our students must learn to think of others.

Full Free Program

Should the need be there, 2 options are available to get any of the above FULL Programs for free.


A registration & setup fee per family (regardless of how many students are in a family) of $50 is required.

AGS Life Academy is partially on the honor system. We do presume YOU are honest and will register if you are a student.

YOU can get started right now and enroll as if you are going the FULL route of YOUR choice – the Diploma Program, the Certificate Program, the eWorkBook Manual Program or the FREE Audit Program.

Groups to Nations

If you are a group, organization, business and or nation consider that in a group, an organization, a business and/or a nation to implement AGS Life Academy, it may require some flexibility possibly even a two-step simple process. Talk with us presenting your situation and let’s consider how to tailor the implementation to you if more appropriately.

The first step would be for those involved in the actual teaching, the administration of the program or the support functions surrounding it, to become Certified Teachers capable of doing the actual teaching. That means everyone. Yes, even the support staff to become Certified. Not only for their own benefits but the those who will be taught in the program itself.

The second step would be to do the actual teaching tailoring the program to your students, members, employees or citizens with the necessary support to implement the program appropriately.

Having stated this ideal implementation, we at AGS Life Academy realize sometimes the urgency is such the two steps can be simultaneously implemented. It is important like anything new, the first time is to get it implemented. The second time doing it, the content will be better understood and the third implementation even better. Isn’t that normal the more one does something, the better at doing whatever it is that is done?

Therefore, under ideal situations, there is a special Teachers Certificate available and should be requested specifically under the group’s, organization’s, business’s, or nation’s name directed to the President directly. Please include the appropriate website, # of potential teachers, # of all staff and the # of potential students, members, employees and/or citizens.

Please do complete the Registration under Step 1 and then # 5: the Group, Organization, Business and/or Nation banner. Then, have everyone complete their own individual registration under the # 6: Teachers Certificate banner in the same area under Step 1.

The initial teachers training can begin almost immediately following the Teachers’ Certificate Program Recap Page and may last from 5 to 8 weeks on the fast-tract or 6 months on the normal pace or perhaps a full year on the super slow snail’s pace. Please include your expectation on which pace you would expect to pursue to give us at the Academy an idea of concentration we can expect initially. We realize this may change and change perhaps multiple times during the actual training.

Your group, organization, business or nation should expect to see benefits within the time frame your teachers are trained. Maybe within the first month of training.

When they implement the program for you to your students, your members, your employees, your citizens, you should expect to see a major boost with the very first implementation. In multiple areas. Peace, joy, happiness, love, productivity surrounding the entire entity will explode energizingly.

By the second or third implementation, your group, organization, business or nation won’t be the same as it is today. It will be leaps and bounds in the future with incredible beyond the wildest imagination progress. Seriously. You will set the standard for awesome reputations for other entities to attempt to match.

To implement this program to your group, organization, business or nation, please consider we at AGS Life Academy would expect to assist whatever way we can, maybe with personal visits. We would expect our expenses to be fully paid in advance.

Group Discounts

Group, Organization, Business and or National Discounts Are Available

Quantity discounts are available and designed to get AGS Life Academy to the largest audience possible quickly.

They are available to continents, nations, groups, organizations, businesses of all sizes and shapes and types. AGS Life Academy can and will dramatically change the entity.  For the super positive in only 26 weeks or just 6 months.  Seriously, and guaranteed.

There may be some flexibility to tailor the program depending on the quantity of students while maintaining the core curriculum and intent of each Module.

We are talking about the whole student and their character development for the benefit not only of themselves, but of all those around them above, below and around them coming into contact with them.  We’re serious and that does include entire nations and spreading to the entire universe.

Regardless of the student levels selected at regular enrollment fees and regular registration fees, with …

  • 10 or more students – 10% discount off the total
  • 25 or more students – 15% discount off the total
  • 50 or more students – 20% discount off the total
  • 100 or more students – 25% discount off the total
  • 1000 or more students – 30% discount off the total
  • 5000 or more students – 35% discount off the total
  • 10,000 or more students – 40% discount off the total
  • more than 50,000 students let’s talk…

Your Training Investment

How to Get a Fast Return

Quick Suggestion

As a suggestion for your group, organization, business, consider offering your employees a steep discount and that may be fully or partially subsidized by the entity.

Make it a Must!

Make it mandatory for all supervisors, managers or anyone with authority to take one of the programs (would suggest the Diploma Program for accountability back to the CEO/President) and that we might structure the investment also with a hefty discount.

Entity Payback

The payback for the entity as well as the individual could be seen in the first 30 days, if not the first week. Seriously.

Get our Advice

May we show you how to multiply your return even more? Simply as asking us how?

2 Step Enrollment

Simple Registration

1. Registration

2. Enrollment via PayPal

4 Additional Student Level Involvement Options

Planned But Not Currently Available

1. Consultant Program and, or Franchise Program

Take the AGS Life Academy experience and the various programs or sections of the AGS Life Academy experience out to the world to various markets.

This Consultant Program &/or Franchise Program would be after either the Certificate or the Diploma Program, obviously preferring the Diploma Program and possibly tailored to the individual Consultant and their desires, their strong points and their weak points as well as their whole being. Designed also around the entity they would like to take AGS Life Academy to.

Hence, they should have completed Module 6 of the “Foundation” Program.

This could be a lead-in part of future marketing for the Academy and a paid/commission or other compensation/profit generating type position.

Markets may include specific groups, clubs, businesses, associations, churches, governments that want to truly help their members or employees. This may also include a local, state, regional, national or international general or exclusive territory.

See also the Masters Program below and the Organization Chart of AGS Life Academy.

At this point in time this program has not been fully finalized and consequently, the cost of additional textbooks, if any, and other tuition fees are not known.

2. Masters Program

This program is after graduating from either the Certificate Program or the Diploma Program and living life for at least one year experiencing those Foundation principles already learned.

This hands on program cements in the mastery of the material in AGS Life Academy to a higher level.

This program will require at least one 2000 word paper for each monthly module on subjects provided. Profound thinking will be required showing the relationship in what has been learned in the initial “Foundation” Program AND the Master’s Program and how those principles affects the student and their family AS WELL AS every other man, woman and child (possibly locally, regionally, nationally and internationally).

A very deep profound training program.

This program helps prepare the Rolls Royce type leaders to take the knowledge, understanding and wisdom they learned at AGS Life Academy out into the world duplicating the process in locations and industries they so choose or options provided them.

If for the Academy marketing arm, this program may be required to obtain future franchising or licensing of the AGS Life Academy concept in other countries or territories. See the Organizational Chart of AGS Life Academy as an example. See also the Consultant Program above. For more info, please have patience as this program is still in the planning stage.

3. Private Prep Academy For Wealthy Sons & Daughters

This Prep Academy is for the wealthy to send their children to be “prepped” or “finished” to learn to live life abundantly quickly with hands on training in a bricks and mortar setting. Suggested between the ages of 16 to 25.

It will consist of the normal 6 Modules of The Foundation of AGS Life Academy, Personalized Attention with the President, outstanding hands-on work experience in specially selected professions and under supervision in the real world, living on own in the real world decision making with consequences, discipline/obedience 101, etiquette, volunteering specialized work, character building becoming a true man and/or a true woman and more.

Private Prep Academy fee may be $40,000 to $50,000 with what we have in mind for this 26 weeks and maybe double that fee for 12 months for maybe one to two full years for in depth transformation learning and practicing the Rolls Royce type training.

No more than 10 to 12 students would be allowed in this very exclusive Private Prep Academy at a time.

Even though this Private Prep Academy is not fully organized at this stage, a waiting list is already being created.

4. A Specific Nation's Program

Designed for a specific nation. Will involve the top person in charge of all AGS Life Academy programs for the whole country and all the details to implement them country-wide.

This is different than the Consultant/Franchise Program as this may be tailored somewhat to the nation in question. Emphases on word “may” at the discretion of the Academy.

This national program may also include the various Franchise Programs within a particular nation in their umbrella whether under an entire government structure or independent structure yet to be determined per nation.