The Prerequisites

A 14 Day Preparation System – to set the stage for a re-engineered you simply and easily.


Orientation Part 1

How to get the most out of this Academy.

Orientation Part 2

The key is to tailor it all to YOU!

The Typical Day

Obvious Adam

The story of a successful businessman: 39 page super powerful life-changing how to think in general booklet.

The Foundation In 6 Modules

The Actual Learning Modules of all Courses.


Module 1 - 4 weeks

Attitudes of ambition, drive & motivation & how to use them appropriately In life; being influential to others; with your finances & life. Expect homework assignments as they are given remembering you are accountable and judged in everything you do by what you do.

Module 2 - 8 weeks

Human relations & emotions – establishing and building, maintaining, and controlling for unworrying confidence for winning results at the heart of your being.

Module 3 - 5 weeks

Learning the lessons of and developing outstanding work ethics, great character, & going from poverty to 200 million a year example generating peace wherever you go.

Module 4 - 5 weeks

Role models – principles to learn … or … how to be a man &/or how to be a woman &/or to be a family more fully in uncommon happiness & joy inexplicable – That’s what it is all about – happiness & joy beyond words as an example for others to want to follow you having what you have as you are re-engineered by yourself but not by yourself.

Module 5 - 4 weeks

Tailoring it all to YOU personally in all 7 areas of life with appropriate balance for YOU.

Module 6 - ... & Beyond

Congratulations! Being the leader YOU now are; YOU have a major responsibility – go & enjoy life … AND … go, teach others so they can teach the world what YOU have learned & now know …

Welcome to the beginning…