Diploma Program

AGS Life Academy currently consists of 8 Levels of Student Enrollment.

The FULL Diploma Program

Forward Thinkers For Down The Road

Now, About The Diploma Program

Self-Generated Tests/Exams

This section covers the FULL “Foundation” Program and what is expected of both – AGS Life Academy and the student.

Much more interactive than either the Auditing Program or the Certificate Program.

Textbooks are expected to be acquired as suggested elsewhere. Both which books and when.

The FULL Academy “Foundation” Diploma Program is a true and FULL Self-Help education course in practical street smarts.

Students may take this program from anywhere in the world any time of the day or night at their own pace.

A true 24/7/365 availability.

In essence, you, the student, will learn how to live life much more abundantly, while getting your life in order in all 7 Areas of Life AND raising your standards in the process.

The Academy builds in flexibility & balance with no stress. Happiness, hope galore and energized vitality will exude from you like you never thought possible.

We will treat YOU, the student, as if you will be a future leader of a nation or an international leader involved in many nations, which you may already be or soon to be.

With that training, just about any endeavor you select to pursue anywhere in the world, you will be looked at and considered an all-around high level expert from the get-go.

The FULL Diploma Program involves even more discipline than the Certificate and especially the Audit programs.

It is much more structured in interaction between the student and the Academy. It’s intent is to develop the whole person to be a Rolls Royce type best-of-the best leader to rule nations or any other endeavor a graduate desires to go after.

Considering the opportunities potentially, some students tell us they have decided they want to become part of the AGS Life Academy workforce when and as soon as they have completed the Diploma requirements.

Being pro-active, they have reviewed the potential Job Opportunities and have chosen to complete these Diploma assignments and submit them on a regular basis in that regard.

They realize even if they don’t become employed with the Academy, the completed assignments will pay them enormous dividends on their own for themselves quickly regardless of the direction they go.

The Diploma Program is based on the entire online AGS Life Academy as well as the 10 textbooks. It will also include:

1. Goal setting and Value Determination

2. How to be organized including Time Management

3. How to be healthier in 6 months with benefits seen within 30 days

4. Comprehensive Financial Planning fundamentals and how to tailor them to YOU and YOUR family

5. Human relations and communication skills to have your ideas received as a magnet would do to iron. Within the family, at work and in society

6. Take charge leadership skills you can implement almost immediately at all levels of the home, society, business, industry and/or government

7. Character development with the best of traits while eliminating the negatives

8. How to double your income within 6 months, … or at least earn a 6 or 7 figure income within the first year … unless you don’t want to

9. How to dress and carry on for success

10. Lots of encouragement galore

11. The merits of and how to stay informed in 12 to 18 minutes a day … internationally, nationally and locally. AND then project the future realistically so YOU can be ahead of your peers pro-actively

12. Learning the skill to THINK while discerning what’s truly important

13. How to read between the lines using “5 questions to ask your daughter’s potential dates ahead of time” as an example

14. Step by step simple outline in how to achieve YOUR dreams or ANY project

15. Motivation to increase ambition and self-motivation to a higher stick-to-it-iveness level

16. Learn lessons to go from poverty to 200 million a year income

17. Secrets of outstanding Customer Service beyond the norm

18. Practical Marketing techniques learned first hand

19. Practical projects showing students can teach others what they learned

… and more. Lots more.

Students are required to create their own tests and answers on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and per Module basis. Other self generated assignments are also expected. In other words, students are required to THINK. And consider things. All sorts of things. Profound things. From several perspectives.

AGS Life Academy is NOT the typical school, university of private Academy. It is unique. Very unique. It was designed to transform nations, organizations, businesses from the inside out beginning with individuals.

As a future leader, you will have learned very hands-on practical lessons to do just that. No other institution in the world that we are aware of teaches what you the student will learn here at AGS Life Academy.

The world will be a better place once you graduate. We expect that. That’s what YOU are trained for.

Three Per Module Requirements

1. 25 Questions - One Of Your Assignments For A Lead Up To A Diploma Granting

At the conclusion of each Module of The Foundation Program, list out 25 questions to show you have gone through that Module.

Create, in essence, 25 questions as if YOU were the teacher teaching that class. The questions should be created to verify whether someone else had done the assignment that month. Also list out the corresponding answers to your questions.

These questions can be a combination of true or false, fill in the blank, matching, essay or whatever you choose. Show YOUR creativity. Remember, it should not be trick type questions to “catch” someone.

More to “help” someone. To verify the assignment was done. Make it fun and encouraging and uplifting as they progress through taking it and looking back at their accomplishments. Consider how YOU would like someone to help YOU if the roles were reversed – you are the student and the person receiving your submissions were the one reviewing, correcting and offering advice.

Good admonition. Always consider how you would like to be treated if the roles were reversed.

At least one question should combine previous Modules as well as other sections of the Academy in how they individually all fit together.


Does Several Things

This does several things. It first shows us that YOU went through the program yourself. It also shows us that YOU can think. And rationalize. And tells us what YOU got out of the specific Module.

In addition, it tells us whether you can follow directions. This is extremely important in an age work ethics leave a lot to be desired and almost daily dropping in standards.

It also raises YOUR standards in multiple ways.

You will have to follow through and not do just the minimum. We’re looking for more than the minimum. And, YOU are in charge of EVERYTHING.

It also begins getting YOU to think in training others, which is part of what the whole AGS Life Academy experience is all about. Teaching teachers to teach. Helping others at ALL levels of society. Doing more than what is expected with your and their whole might.

[Yes, many have trained others before starting this program. This will take that training skill to a new level your future students will love you for. And praise you to others constantly.]

Quality Rolls Royce type best-of-the-best leaders lead by helping others. Not “getting” others.

Traits which are what you are learning to do at this Academy.

Part of a leader’s job description is teaching and that is what we want you to show us you can do. Teaching with love and care for the student. With the focus on the student. Not just to get a job done, but the spirit of what the job entails.

Especially, as you combine several Modules’ material together.

When you are the future leader of a nation, for example, we want the masses not only to obey you and your wise decisions, but also to love you for those wise decisions because you took them into consideration.

It also shows your creativity as you choose what type of simple questions you want to create.

It will moreover show whether you do the minimum or put yourself into the project giving you the opportunity of doing more than is expected.

Isn’t that what you’d expect from graduates of AGS Life Academy?

Any Certificate of Completion or Diploma from AGS Life Academy means something. Certificates and Diplomas are NOT just a gift or bought. You the student will have skills and talents that will open flood-gates of opportunities worldwide and are earned.

So, then, You Will Have …

At the conclusion of your time with AGS Life Academy, whether it takes 26 weeks (6 months) or less or 52 weeks (1 year) or however long, a request for a Diploma will include the 25 questions per section or Module programs. Please refer to the Guidelines and Submission Format for your questions.

The overall AGS Life Academy Diploma will include the following sections. Each Module section should have had 25 questions prepared and submitted to qualify for the Diploma Program.

– The Prerequisites – Orientation – Part 1
– Orientation – Part 2
– The Typical Day
– Obvious Adams
– Obviousness – How everything is obvious
– Module 1 – Ambition, motivation & drive
– Module 2 – Human Relations & Emotions – establishing & building & maintaining & controlling
– Module 3 – Work ethics; lessons to be learned living life & going from poverty to $200 million a year
– Module 4 – Being a man &/or being a woman &/or being a family fully
– Module 5 – Putting it all together tailored to YOU going forward
– Module 6 – Beyond AGS Life Academy – Congratulations! You now have a major responsibility – Go And Enjoy Life

… AND …

For the overall Diploma, include questions concerning some of the other Life Skills as taught in the following sections… as well as those above.

– Goals Setting & Values Determination – 10 questions
– How to stay informed – 10 questions
– How to be healthy – 10 questions
– Life Finances … Made Simple – 10 questions
– Organization & Time Management – 10 questions

By The Way, Management Traits Learned…

After the first 3 sets of your 25 Questions submissions, you may be asked to receive other students from around the world as YOUR potential personal students to help. (Quantity of future students given you may fluctuate.)

In other words, the student on tract for the Diploma will have also gained practical management experience.

You will want to help those students assigned to you with their various assignments to uplift and encourage and guide them as they need uplifting and encouragement and guidance.

Some of their assignments will obviously include their 25 Questions submissions. They will need grading and offering personalized suggestions and recommendations for their future duplication to other future students of theirs as they are given students to work with.

Obviously, mercy and judgment will be critical in this follow up leadership training.

How YOU welcome this opportunity and address it will show in your final grade at AGS Life Academy. More instructions will follow when you are presented with these opportunities.

This opportunity/privilege is only available to the Diploma Program and above students. No other level of student involvement will receive this hands-on very practical opportunity/privilege.

Keep in mind, that yes, you will be gaining valuable management experience, but you may be one of another student’s assigned protégés. The question is to learn how to put up with all kinds of people above and below and all around you.

Some may not be the greatest care-givers to you teaching you valuable lessons you, in turn, can do just the opposite to those assigned to you. If you are not receiving the care you would expect, there are three options.

Do nothing and live with the circumstances. You will grow in the process as not everyone in the world is as you are – loving, caring for others almost to a fault, merciful, patient thinking of the long term.
Approach the one assigned above you and attempt to work things out in the right attitude. In the end, accept whatever outcome happens.
Document the situation as accurately and completely as possible and send in your request for a reassignment. There may be extenuating circumstances that need to be brought to our attention.
In each of these 3 situations, there are learning experiences you can glean in your future management skills and capabilities.

Remember your President way back when he was a Basket Case and each of us have been in various stages of this same type need of being humbled.

Remember, AGS Life Academy is NOT just a theory generating Academy, but a PRACTICAL International Wisdom Academy teaching students to transform nations, organizations, businesses, households and individuals.

With the Diploma Program and above, certain advantages and benefits go with this level of training.

2. Special Practical Project

A special project is also required per Module. Consider you were going to give a seminar/webinar to others on each Module, what would be its format and its content?

In other words, if you had one hour to go through that Module in a seminar/webinar, how would YOU organize the material and what would YOU say?

We would be looking for three key ingredients to satisfy this requirement and grade the special project:

Format or outline of seminar – 30 % of special project grade
Content including the word for word script – 30 % of special project grade
Presentation material including hand outs and the whole seminar given by the student as a video clip with 2 options – 40 % of special project grade
1. entire seminar/webinar given by the student (preferred option)
2. a clip about the Module in question given by the student from 3 to 10 minutes in length

These presentations should be high quality as they might be presented online by AGS Life Academy to showcase what other students have done.

Therefore, we would expect the following 7 seminar/webinar potential special practical projects:

The Prerequisites & Obviousness
Module 1 – Attitudes of ambition, drive & motivation & how to use them appropriately.
Module 2 – Human relations & emotions – establishing & building, maintaining and controlling for unworrying confidence for winning results at the heart of your being
Module 3 – Learning the lessons of and developing outstanding work ethics, great character, & going from poverty to 200 million a year generating peace wherever you go
Module 4 – Role models & principles to learn … or … how to be a man &/or how to be a woman &/or how to be a family more fully in uncommon happiness & joy inexplicable – That’s what it is all about – happiness & joy beyond words
Module 5 – Tailoring it all to YOU personally in all 7 areas of life
Module 6 – Revise your goals over the next year as well as 5 years and beyond. What is it YOU plan on doing from this point forward? This is not a seminar but more a paper directly to the President about YOU and what YOU got out of the AGS Life Academy experience. Any length.
In other words, at the conclusion of a student’s experience at AGS Life Academy, they will have demonstrated that they not only KNOW the material at the Academy, but they will be able to teach the Academy to others. This is something we might use in our consideration in the various jobs that are and might be available.

3. Music Appreciation

Also for the overall Diploma, you will need at least 6 brief papers on Music Appreciation. You should have gone to at least 6 classical concerts (one per Module on the average whether live or from CD/DVD or other media) and written a paper on each. AGS Life Academy recommends being balanced as all work and no play makes the child a dull one as the saying goes.

For The Diploma, You Will Also Need:

This Program for a Diploma will also include daily assignments, weekly assignments, a journal for the student, monthly quizzes, a mid-term exam and a final exam paper from the gleanings throughout the course, AND the Special Graduation Thesis type paper found in Module 5.

Some additional items may be impromptu but all will generate honest grades.

AGS Life Academy may be the toughest but easiest and simplest 26 weeks very structured program on hope, leadership and success one could imagine with the benefits to transform nations. Literally. Guaranteed!

The beautiful frameable diploma from this Academy will mean something. A king’s* Academy for whomever wants it. AND … is willing to put the time and effort into completing it as prescribed. AND … then, goes after it. Seriously.


Before you start on the 25 questions assignment, you may want to consider making sure you understand each section as thoroughly as you can. Whether it takes one quick reading, or several readings over several days. The key is to UNDERSTAND each section.

You are not on a race on how fast you get through the Academy but more on acquiring the content (the knowledge) that is in the Academy. Especially in this day and age with so much anti-truth, anti-right and so much wrong teaching so readily available in the world as the norm. AND the 140 brief charter tid-bit responses.

Please pardon us. We are blunt and straight forward. We do tell you as it is. And that is what YOU want. Honesty of the highest order.

As it is mentioned elsewhere, sometimes you might consider reading through one time. Think about and digest what was read meditating on it translating it into YOUR thoughts and YOUR understanding. Then perhaps rereading it again to make sure YOU do understand.

Some students have indicated they needed to read several times while others one quick time. With all due respect, some PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper) graduates of other institutions may not get it as it is too simple for them. [PHDs we’ve found have a lot to unlearn before they can begin to learn and grasp and understand some simple basics.]

Each student is different depending on their previous knowledge and experiences acquired.

Maybe also consider waiting to have a few more sections understood before beginning your 25 questions assignment. Yes, it is alright to wait and go back and do those questions when you sense you are better able to address them appropriately.

The first few weeks are the most critical to understand so take each section slowly enough for understanding section by section AND also understanding several sections WITH other sections as a whole.

Think about how does the section you’re going through fit with the other sections you’ve already gone through, maybe working on now and will go through.

We want you to be balanced. Not just to get the “A” on the assignments. Seriously. We’re somewhat flexible. When in doubt talk with us. We’ll work with you as we do understand where many are coming from.

Your President is like that. Slow to start, but once he has the fundamentals in mind, then watch his tail as the expression goes. He will be out front. Ahead of the pack setting the example for others to follow.

We DO want potential future greatness beyond all expectations and imaginations for graduates. Not “A” graduates. We’re looking for those outstanding graduates whether for your own endeavors or perhaps in AGS Life Academy future positions worldwide.

Above Level Programs - Self Examinations

For the Diploma Program and above level Programs of student involvement (Consultant, Masters, Private), you will grade yourself every week in a Journal.

Each grade on a scale of 0 to 5 (0 being a non-performing failure and 5 perfect gained a lot type perfect – not that the student is perfect in a particular area) will be based on YOUR understanding and YOUR effort in living the AGS Life Academy learnings so far for that week – Sunday through Saturday.

For the most Self-Learning, indicate what YOU did well and what YOU did not do well and make suggestions for and to yourself in how YOU could do better in future weeks.

Please keep in mind honesty is shown in other areas as well to confirm you are honest here too.

This Self-Examination journal will be helpful in YOUR learning process in a profound way.

You will notice the progress you have made probably within the first 30 days.

As simple a task as this is, AND on the honor system, please don’t underestimate the value of this exercise.

A sufficient amount of time should be spent examining yourself. Please don’t short-change yourself and DO fill in the details as much as possible. Be honest with yourself.

Possibly include in your journal backup type copies of “things” from study material and other sources YOU find revelatory or very interesting to you.

You should submit one overall Self-Examination grade on yourself for consideration of your OVERALL Diploma Request. You do NOT have to turn in your journal. That is for YOUR eyes only. Not even a family or other close person’s eyes.

You may want to keep this Self Examination journal weekly even after completing AGS Life Academy.

AGS Life Academy Is NOT A USA Accredited Institution

AGS Life Academy is NOT a US or any other national accredited institution AND is NOT a typical educational institution that offers associates and bachelor degrees.  It is NOT our intent to become accredited and lower the standards of AGS Life Academy.

For that matter, it is NOT a typical educational institution from anywhere in the world.

Because of that, we don’t have anyone over us saying we must teach what they want us to teach.  We have extremely high values and refuse to lower those standards to meet the needs or agendas of select politicians or overseers or for that matter, aggressive agenda-oriented students.

Please refer to http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/ which has lowered the educational standards in the USA deliberately.

Therefore, the education here at AGS Life Academy is True Education in what anyone needs to live life abundantly regardless of where they may live or the circumstances surrounding them.  They will be able to lead those graduates in any other “formal” institution with that accreditation.

Transfer of credits from AGS Life Academy to other institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Diplomas are granted from AGS Life Academy based on recommendation from the faculty.  To receive a diploma, a student must:

  • Meet all attendance, course, credit, academic and other requirements of the curriculum in which he or she is enrolled.
  • Meet all financial obligations to AGS Life Academy – $1997 up front or before the Diploma may be granted and the initial $50 Registration fee for a total of $2047 initially.
  • Receive approval and recommendation of the faculty.
  • Complete an Application for Graduation and submit it along with a $100 graduation fee.
  • Complete other requirements as requested, unless excused.


Grading (subject to revision)

1.)  Tests will account for 40 % of grade
a.  take-home and un-announced quizzes & monthly news related + others
b.  mid-term (after Module 3)
c.  final (after Module 6)

2.)  Papers in the form of daily tweets/shares, weekly blogs and the other major written assignments will account for 25 % of grade

3.)   Journal & Participation will account for 35 % of grade
a.  Journal
b.  Each Module, 25 Questions Per Module, Special Practical Project Assignment, Music Appreciation & Other Submissions
c.  Participation (in class and/or communication with instructor)
d.  Attendance


Grades are awarded according to the percentage earned in a particular course and are recorded by letters.

A 92.5-100% C 72.5-77.4%
A- 90.5-92.4% C- 70.5-72.4%
B+ 87.5-90.4% D+ 67.5-70.4%
B 82.5-87.4% D 62.5-67.4%
B- 80.5-82.4% D- 60.5-62.4%
C+ 77.5-80.4% F 60.4% and below

An “A” is an indication of excellent work, a “B” of good work, a “C” of adequate work, a “D” of weak work and an “F” for fail


Point Values

Each letter carries a point value. The point value for grades are assigned as follows:

A 4.0 C 2.0
A- 3.7 C- 1.7
B+ 3.3 D+ 1.3
B 3.0 D 1.0
B- 2.7 D- 0.7
C+ 2.3 F 0.0


The following designations also may be recorded:

Satisfactory An “S” is earned when the equivalent of a C- or higher is earned in a Pass/Fail

Unsatisfactory A “U” is assigned when a passing grade is not achieved. In the case of Pass/Fail courses, this grade is assigned when anything less than a C- is earned. A “U” has an associated point value of 0 and is always calculated as part of the GPA. All courses that are failed and required for graduation must be repeated.

Incomplete is all situations when a course is not completed, a grade of “I” is assigned. An “I” has no associated point value and is not calculated as part of the GPA.

All incomplete grades must be rectified by the time specified by the instructor; this must be no later than one year from the time the course began. If this does not occur, then the grade is calculated without the missing work.

Prospective graduates must make-up all outstanding incomplete grades prior to graduation.

Audit The designation of “AUDIT” is given when a course is audited rather than taken for credit. Auditors can change their registration to taking a course for credit.  Certain guidelines and/or restrictions may apply.  For example, all course work will have to be included as if the student began as a student taking the program for credit.

The Diploma Program Investment - $2097

Includes $1997 for the initial Prerequisites and the 6 Foundation Modules plus the $100 for the final overall Diploma Program application fee.

This all inclusive investment breaks down to be $299.58 each for the initial Prerequisites Module and the 6 individual “Foundation” Modules as well as the $100 final request fee for the very nice frameable Diploma for a combined Diploma Program fee of $2097.

Sign up

With the Diploma, an opportunity may be available

Having completed the program and acquired the coveted very meaningful Diploma, would YOU be interested in joining the AGS Life Academy unofficial speakers bureau or various headquarters assistants?

Perhaps, you might be a guest speaker or even a featured speaker to expound on the merits of AGS Life Academy to others as well as perhaps speak on certain aspects of the program or assist in other AGS Life Academy endeavors.

You will automatically be enrolled in the AGS Life Academy alumni with your permission.

Please write us of YOUR interests. We are open and eager to hear from For Credit students at any stage of their development.

Additional Support Items

Additional support items may include newsletters, emails-blasts, fax-blasts, webinars, seminars, CDs/DVDs, Bootcamps, personal letters and correspondence, books and a multitude of other possibilities.

Hence, we suggest to register and tell us of your interests so we can tailor some of the material around YOU.

By the way, serious congratulations on a wise decision for your future with deep sincerity is in order. Your decision really could change your life profoundly in the super positive. It could also change lots of others lives as well.