FREE Auditing Program Online

AGS Life Academy consists of 8 Levels of Student Enrollment.
The more formal For Credit AGS Life Academy programs are more interactive programs loaded with personalized care and concern and filled with encouragement.

Currently, there are two programs for credit – the Certificate Program and the Diploma Program.

The Consultant Program, the Masters Program and the Private Prep Academy are not available at this time.

The FREE Audit Program

The online FREE Auditing is a FULL “Foundation” Program as well.

The AGS Life Academy FULL “Foundation” Audit Program is really designed for those receptive Self-Help individuals willing to do ALL the work themselves wanting to improve themselves.

Ideal for the Auditing minded Students.

These students may simply want more out of life than what they have currently perhaps in several directions – professionally, relationships including family and extended family, social endeavors, acquisitions and material “things”, perhaps finances or their overall well-being.

They may just want to live life more abundantly in all 7 Areas Of Life being in total control by themselves.

Or, they may just want a tweaking of themselves believing they already have a good foundation in life skills.

Textbooks are expected to be acquired as suggested elsewhere.

But the Academy material itself is complimentary for the Audit student.

The Academy program is a true and FULL Self-Help education in street smarts students may take anywhere in the world any time of the day or night at their own pace.

They will have free use of most of the Academy. There may be some pages reserved exclusively for the For Credit students, which should be easily understood.

With the Audit Program, there is little to no interaction between the student and the Academy.

No attendance is conducted. Nor any quizzes, homework assignments or papers are required. Therefore no grades will be provided. Nor any Certificates of Completion nor Diplomas.

Correspondence from the Academy directed specifically to those upper levels will NOT be forthcoming to Auditing students.

No questions or interaction between student and the Academy is also expected. The Social Media sites and forums are available to Auditing students however.

Specific questions and interaction issues may be available for a fee at the discretion of the Academy.

There may, however, be some correspondence and updates directed specifically to the Auditing students from the Academy and therefore a registration is suggested and highly encouraged.