Groups, Organizations, Nations

Group, Organization, Business and/or Nation & How To
Implement AGS Life Academy

Once you, as the contact person, have registered your entity as a Group, an Organization, a business or a nation, then here is how to implement the program for your entity.
YOU therefore, become the key person in your entity.  The one that coordinates everything that follows.  You will be responsible for your entity’s well-being and the subsequent “well dones” that will come due to your efforts here.

1.  We suggest you may want to bookmark this page on your toolbar menu so you can come back here daily.  Maybe even make this your home page.  That is until you finish your own coursework and obtain your own Teachers Certificate.

We assume you have completed the registration process  If not that should be the first thing you do.  Let us know you are in the system and your objective please.

2.  We also suggest you go to LinkedIn – – the world’s professional Social Media, and update your profile.  If you have not already done so, register both as a company and an individual.  Under current job, list yourself first as a Student Teacher Coordinator at AGS Life Academy. Then, anything else you are doing presently.
This should automatically pull you into the Academy’s home page.  A win for the Academy and a huge win for you.  Remember, this is where many potential employers go to search out potential candidates.  The affiliation with an international educational institution is always beneficial.

Then send your President an invite to join your network –  He willingly will.  We suggest grow your connections as fast as possible.  Especially your own individual connections.

Work Study Program intern volunteer students:

Please consider this Work Study Program section can be tailored around the student’s existing skills, talents and desires and the entities objectives.  Everyone will be automatically enrolled in this program so how can we tailor it to you and your entity?

If you are out-going or creative or technical, there are certain volunteer areas such as Social Media, Blogging, Marketing, artistic and graphics as well as many web site functions, , etc. we might suggest for your participation.
Management is another area as several other areas you’ll be forced to participate in to make you into a well-rounded teacher/leader beyond the norm.

Not only will you gain worldwide attention for what you do (we’ll see to that), but the learning experience one cannot ever take away from you.  Your entity will benefit as a by-product.  Actually, you’ll see benefits the first month of training.  Guaranteed!
With this Work Study Intern Volunteer Program, you and your group, organization, business and/or nation will finish your studies debt-free.

3.  Remember and do keep in mind, all students, members, employees and/or citizens should complete:

  • The daily assignments of at least one tweet or one share towards the Public Relations and Marketing portion of your learning assignments.
  • The weekly assignments of at least one blog paper submitted per the schedule listed.  Also part of the Public Relations and Marketing learnings.
  • The Sunday Journal for yourself.
  • The monthly quizzes which are different than the Modules.  This is to broaden your vision and become more aware of what is going on in the world that may affect you and to get you to think outside the norm.
  • The 3 per Module requirements.  This will develop the individual in ways they can’t imagine.
  • The 3 major items – the Mid-Term Exam, the Final Exam Paper as well as the Special Graduation Thesis type paper found in Module 5 should not be forgotten.

4.  A quick reminder of the Social Media sites and forums that are available to all students.

Specific questions and interaction issues may also be available with direct communication with the Academy.  As the contact person, you do have direct access to the President.  We do suggest to like the Academy and list yourself as following the Academy.  Then, please do follow us and offer your comments at will.

5. Begin to go through each section and each Module as suggested.

a. Orientation – Part 1: How to get the most out of this program – Don’t forget the 3 per Module requirements

b. Orientation – Part 2: Specifics tailored to YOU – Don’t forget the 3 per Module requirements

c. Obviousness Module: The story of a successful businessman
 – Don’t forget 3 per Module requirements

d. 1st Module – 4 weeks – Attitudes of ambition, drive & motivation & how to use them appropriately.  In life;  being influential to others;  with your finances, homework assignments given and everything you do – Quick reminder about 3 per Module requirements
 – And the Music Appreciation homework as well.

e. 2nd Module – 8 weeks – Human relations & emotions – building, maintaining and controlling for unworrying confidence for winning results at the heart of your being – Remember the 3 per Module requirements
 – And the Music Appreciation homework as well
f. 3rd Module – 5 weeks – Learning the lessons of and developing outstanding work ethics, great character, & going from poverty to 200 million a year generating peace wherever you go
 – Remember the 3 per Module requirements
 – And the Music Appreciation homework as well

g. 4th Module – 5 weeks – Role models & principles to learn … or … how to be a man and/or how to be a woman  and/or how to be a family more fully in uncommon happiness & joy inexplicable – That’s what it is all about – happiness & joy beyond words
      – Bear in mind the 3 per Module requirements
      – And the Music Appreciation homework as well
h.  5th Module – 4 weeks – Tailoring it all to YOU  personally  in all 7 areas of life
      – Consider the 3 per Module requirements
      – And the Music Appreciation homework as well

i. 6th Module – … & Beyond – Congratulations!  Being the leader YOU now are;  YOU have a major responsibility – go & enjoy life  … AND … go, teach others so they can teach the world what YOU  have learned & now know …

Welcome To The Beginning …

– Recall the 25 questions assignment AND your “story”

– And the Music Appreciation homework as well

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill wrote that history would be kind to him as he planned to write it.  In other words, after going through these 6 Modules in This AGS Life Academy, your history can be kind to YOU as well.  You will have what it takes to write YOUR own history.