Job Opportunities

Show Me YOUR Work Ethics

I’ve been told, people don’t want to work. They have horrible work ethics. Government handouts are on the increase with 1 out of every two homes are receiving some sort of benefit. In Britain, it is just as bad.

Yet, I’ve found that anyone with any work ethics can find work quickly. Fulfilling work. Fun work.

Check below at the potential job opportunities and then show me what YOU can do and then make me a proposition I cannot refuse. At AGS Life Academy, you can have a great future. It will be fun. It will be rewarding. AND you can feel proud you were involved with it. Very proud.

You may first want to review this link about 5 questions to ask your daughter’s dates/boyfriends and then consider how do YOU perform with YOUR work ethics. Why should I consider YOU to join AGS Life Academy? In other words, sell me on why you would make a great addition?

Why not offer free work as a test to show initiative on your part and then also show me where the money will come from to pay you? Let me see that YOU can think. That YOUR mind is stimulated. Have YOU taken AGS Life Academy yet?

Several Opportunities Before YOU

If you’d like to assist in the effort to get these basic educational guidelines out to the largest audience possible, please write me and let me know how YOU might assist. I am eager to hear from you. I know I need help. I am more than receptive to receive it. Having said that, I am not looking for just anyone. Sell, baby, sell.

Please consider the Organization Chart for AGS Life Academy. These positions will be filled at some point. Will YOU be filling one of them? Remember, to address “billions”, this will take more than a few individuals, wouldn’t you think? Where could YOU fit?

Those immediately sought might fall into the following categories. Yet, I am interested in talking with anyone interested in pursuing any opportunity within the AGS Life Academy organization.

I am serious in getting this Academy to the largest audience possible. Will YOU help me?

Volunteers Sought

– Fulfillment Center VP: 

To begin a fulfillment center to disseminate the required textbooks to the various students as requested. Objective is to acquire the various books from several sources at the best prices possible, prepare them into packages and when an order comes in to expedite them directly to the student as rapidly as possible. Preferably Fed Ex overnight or arrive to the student within 48 hours.

Several options should be offered to students – pre-owned to reduce costs, new, combination, regular 7 to 10 day shipping, overnight, 48 hours, and remarkable satisfaction guarantees for any reason, the return of books or materials will be accepted. This needless to say, would come with various costs to the student geared towards their budgets and times desired.

Obviously, the student would be charged up front for the textbooks and materials and the expediting of such and the Fulfillment Center VP would reap this entire amount and have certain expenses they would have to deduct from it leaving a profit for themselves. Currently and from recent costs determination, one would be hard pressed to spend $125 combined for all 10 textbooks and that would be very generous at that. Even at $10 profit per package, how many packages sent would be needed to earn a substantial living?

Remember, the goal of AGS Life Academy is to have 2 billion students. Think how McDonald’s got started making 1/4 of a cent per hamburger as a guideline of the profitability of this fulfillment center. This is an urgent business opportunity in the fullest sense of the term with lots of tax and business and profit benefits.

– Marketing Specialists:

As the Academy is currently free, the marketing must be as well to show it doesn’t take lots of money to promote something of value. Therefore, these Specialists should be familiar with how to promote The Academy that way. To generate a ground swell involvement with little to no advertising and “normal” type marketing or Public Relations.

Those that know “Gorilla type” mass marketing, Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver, Jay Abrahams, Claude C. Hopkins and a host of other direct response type marketing or are “circles of influence” would especially be well received.

Show me what YOU can do and then we can negotiate from there.

– Social Networks Marketing Specialists & / or Vice Presidents:

Individuals who know how to set up Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for the purpose to do marketing. Then, to actually do some marketing using the social networks.

– Health Basics VP:

To become nutrition & good health oriented and promote good health returning to the basics that promotes good health. Prefer current sincere & serious “health” professional. To begin on voluntary basis with certain guidelines and perfect credentials (already health oriented, sales, copy writing, marketing and internet savvy and aggressiveness) and goal to earn six or possibly 7 figures the first year. Otherwise, $40 to $60,000 the first year. Should plan on becoming a student as well.

– Researchers and many other type contributors are also requested:

Have several special projects such as, 1. creating a list of 100 action verbs, 100 adjectives and 100 nouns; 2. various studies and testings of different elements verbally, written or visually; 3. recappers of info or people to simply list out certain techniques from selected books; 4. other researchers and contributors. I have tons of things I’m still learning about the whole field of marketing. If you can help, I’d appreciate whatever help you can offer.

Basically, volunteered time to do special simple and easy items requested that can make a tremendous difference for others.

Please write and let me know what you can contribute and/or how much time you can contribute to one or more special projects.

– 2nd opinion volunteers requested:

Individuals from various backgrounds to act as 2nd opinion critiques, consultants, advisers. To receive various material, read or watch or listen to whatever and offer your thoughts, suggestions, feedback honestly telling it as YOU see it. May be a short paragraph or a full page or two or three or whatever.

– Proof Readers:

Individuals to go through and proof read the entire site for proper English – grammar, spelling, AND clarification in fewer words, etc. Also, to make sure it is correct with no errors from one page to another page.

Should have a good command of vocabulary – nouns, adjectives, adverbs, action verbs to say more in less words as well as proper English AND spoken English. In other words, does it make sense and does it match with other pages without any errors?

I seek 3rd grade English without abbreviations and step-by-step plain development of thought according to guidelines mentioned elsewhere in site.

And, for that reason, an 9 or 10 year old would be ideal. If they can understand, anyone should be able to. Therefore, the best “final” proof readers should be aged 9 or 10 or be in the third grade.

– Editor: 

An individual to edit what is provided.

– Graphics Designers:

Individuals to design and record short segments on video to be uploaded to site. Also, to add other appropriate photos, graphics and other videos throughout site.

I prefer professionally looking and attired in suits that are clean shaven, neat and well groomed. A Rolls Royce type high-quality professional presentation if you wish.

– Consultants, advisors of all sorts encouraged to offer their/your contributions:

It is an excellent location to show YOUR wares – what YOU can do and may be used on YOUR resume, (possibly with permission).

– Financial contributions would also be greatly accepted:

AGS Life Academy is not listed as a legal non-profit, even though anyone that cannot afford the Academy will be allowed to take it FREE, so the contributions would not be tax-deductible. At this time. It is not designed to be a non-profit from the IRS viewpoint.

The Student:

– AND … obviously, the Student who will put this program in to effect is THE major person involved in this Academy. You also can help. Please write letting me know what you as a student, like, what you don’t like and how it could be improved. In other words, how can it be improved for future students? I am open to suggestions, advice, feedback and other contributions.

I will say up front, however, in many areas I do know what works and what does not work and in those areas I may be less receptive to make changes. Having said that, I will still listen though as I don’t claim to know everything. Willingly, I admit I’m still learning in many ways. Even in areas I know what works and what doesn’t. So, please offer your input.

Any other suggestions, comments, feedback or whatever would be greatly appreciated.

Write me please.

Creative In Pay Possibly?

I am creative in pay. Initially, the funds are just not there so am looking for volunteers. As the funds become more available in the future, pay could be distributed.

One proposition is perhaps your pay being tied to the income or profit into the Academy. For example, a certain percent of the profit generated from whatever done.

For example, a researcher to generate a word list mentioned below. This endeavor could be a stand alone project that could generate substantial profits in the future in and by itself. If 5 % or 10 % of those profits were considered pay, that could be generous AND an on-going pay.

Another example with marketing specialists. Same formula. 5 % or 10 % of profits gives the specialist incentive to be good at what they do, wouldn’t you agree?

Please remember that AGS Life Academy IS an educational institution online to FREELY teach principles of street smarts raising the standards of individuals within 6 months to Rolls Royce status.

Whether “Basket Case” complete overhauls to partially upgraded and / or tweaked CEOs, Board Members or for anyone else.

Everything done at The Academy should be directed to this aim and remain free to the students if necessary. A total public service give away program.

Donations Are Accepted

There is no charge for this website as you are finding out. It is a total give-away. FREE. Yet, if you are finding this Academy website helpful and would like to make sure it remains online for yourself to return to and for others to benefit from as well, please click the Donate button. Every $10 or $15 or $20 would be appreciated. I’m sure future students will be very grateful and appreciative for your support as we are. Thank you.

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