Prison Population

Are you going to allow $197 from holding you back?

The world knows your background and what you did and still holding it against you even though they shouldn’t having given you an unbreakable reputation.  But are you giving yourself similar handicaps?
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For a limited time and with a Work Study Program, we are offering the internationally recognized wisdom program at a very special discounted investment of $197.  You may want to take this life-changing program several times knowing each time you do you will glean even more from it to tweak your life to live life beyond your wildest imagination.  It is time to dream big dreams thinking if you knew you could not fail, how high could you dream?  Seriously.
Go to and check it out.  Then go to to register for the Diploma Program.  On that Registration form in the 2nd box “Any Other Comments” box mark “current or former prisoner” and automatically know your program is $197.  We’ve been where you are considering ourselves a “basket case” and have worked themselves out to be a somebody internationally and can show you how to do the same.  Yes, we will in a sense hold your hand mentoring you step by simple step of the easy process.  All 7 areas of life are addressed in a way you remain totally in control having been given the psychology behind it all.

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