Out of the countless books that could easily be used as textbooks for this Academy, the obvious question is why these?

[Quick digression and worth the time to read the full page disclosure here for the President’s own history and hopefully, you’ll understand he could have used multiple tools for this Academy. The countless quantity that is available is truly incredible.

[While you’re at it, check the link from that page – A General Comment.]

Simple answer to why these 11 Classic textbooks is there are many reasons. Some disclosed throughout the Academy and some not.

They are unique with the objective of teaching the Cause and Effect laws in all 7 areas of life that work always regardless of circumstances.

There is not enough space to go into all of the answers, but rest assured, they are all valid and excellent. Actually, outstanding.

As you, the student, proceed in your course study, we believe you’ll really want to thank him for selecting just these AND structuring the program as it is structured for ONLY 6 months.

Having given the above 11 textbooks for the principles of living life, there are an “IDEAL” 7 other textbooks that really should be before these above 11 but these 11 are a great foundation to bring those other 7 to life even more. When you are ready, they will be obvious to you. And those 7 “ideal textbooks” are available FREE and not from AGS Life Academy.

There are other “source works” that will be brought in to be used during each Module to compliment these 11 textbooks. This other material should be, for the most part, online free making them readily available to all students worldwide to enhance the student’s studying even more.

All this material has been available to kings & national and international leaders. Many of the authors of these textbooks were world class leaders in their own right.

Now, with this course, these Classics are presented to YOU, the student, in a unique very special accelerated fashion to give YOU the foundation you can go forward in rocket-powered success. Seriously.

Simple, yet understated powerful. Highly results-oriented and proven to work for those serious enough to be willing to practice the principles taught.

The Prerequisite

The prerequisites should be done first. These include those found in:

Concerning “Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Businessman” by Robert R. Updegraff. Make sure you obtain the 1953 Copyright edition from the Updegraff Press as this 39 page edition has notes made many years later by the author on doing the obvious. Please use for the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/Obvious-Adams-Story-of-a-Successful-Businessman-/360003594320?pt=US_Nonfiction_Book&hash=item53d1e2e850 to obtain it for $3.99 and tell them AGS Life Academy suggested you buy from them.

The Actual Textbooks

1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – ISBN – 13: 978-0486290737

2. The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin – ISBN – 13: 978-9788352136

3. How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie – ISBN – 13: 978-0749307844

4. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie – ISBN – 13: 978-0671035976

5. The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie – ISBN – 13: 978-0671724009

6. The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong – Volume 1 (get ONLY the 1st edition Hardcover 1986 version. All others corrupted horribly. Not worth the effort for any other edition.) There is a Volume 2 and there is merit to have and read it, but Volume 2 is not nearly as important as Volume 1, from the Academy’s perspective.

If you have an Apple mobile device (i.e. iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini) you can download this book from the iTunes/iBook store by searching for the title.

It can be read online, downloaded to Kindle, ePub, or in a printable version

Non-Apple users listed above may download this textbook from this source.

Again, the preferred method of obtaining all textbooks is the hard copy book as mentioned elsewhere.

7. A Message To Garcia by Elbert Hubbard – ISBN – 13: 978-1442119420

8. Man Of Steel And Velvet by Aubrey Andelin

9. Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin – ISBN – 13: 978-0553384277

10. The Making Of George Washington – ISBN – 13: 978-0912530024

11. What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard Nelson Bolles

Hard Copy vs. Electronic Version

It is always better to have and use hard copies of these textbooks. For a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, it is not always possible. Perhaps due to finances at the present time.

When necessary consider the local library system that may have these Classics you might borrow. These you won’t be able to keep in your own personal reference library after having read and studied them. You also won’t be able to make notes in them, but you will be able to read them.

Please keep in mind, some editions may have been corrupted more than others and especially online, so caution and understanding are required.

Expand that local library with the online libraries and again, most of these textbooks might be found online someplace. You should not be deprived these textbooks if you seriously want the material. They truly are worth the effort to find and read in the order given in this Academy and then, after having marked them up to keep and build your own personal library.