The Toughest Decision

The Toughest Decision In Life

When YOU have finally gotten to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of your situation currently, whatever it may be, you are about ready to make that decision.

THE decision that can turn YOUR life around.  THE  turning point  in your life.

YOU must think about and consider your past as great as it has been or as bad and evil as it may have become and come to the point you want more in life.  

You finally realize your way has not been working as well as it could have worked.

You are not happy as you think you could or should be.  

You realize:

  • Your finances aren’t where they should be for whatever reason.  
  • Your health is not optimum perfect possibly taking all sorts of pills, medication, tests, doctor visits and this and that thing.  
  • Your relationships with other people at home, your neighbors, at work, when you go out with others may be more stormy than always pleasant, uplifting, positive, loving, caring.

Then you are approaching that major decision in life.

Your life really is in YOUR hands.  Fully AND totally in YOUR hands.  YOU own it.

Why not make it better?  That is THE question.


Then, finally, congratulations are in order.  Seriously.

Now, we together with YOU being in control, total control, in a structured proven system to change YOU into being seriously the greatest commodity you could imagine.  In only 26 weeks.

THAT is the most toughest decision YOU could ever make.  To submit yourself to someone else allowing them to work with you step-by-step in a systematic approach to change you, to transition you, to transform you with your approval as you progress and be shocked at that progress you’ll and everyone else will see quickly.

Not only the anxiety, the fear of the future, the uncertainty be gone, but the self confidence, the self-esteem will grow powerfully.  You will even like yourself showing to others who will begin to like you as well wondering what happened.

Seriously.  We know.  We’ve been there.  And YOU can be too.  This is what AGS Life Academy was designed for.

You as a student should know that we’re yet NOT perfect in spite of everything done, still filled with imperfect issues we’re working on as you are.  To get to the point we’re currently at, however, means there is hope for just about anyone.

Yet, we’ve learned a few things in the process of our upgrade from the depths of the barrel.  

Hence, the purpose of this Self-Help educational Academy.  

Perhaps some of this site might help others in their process of upgrading themselves.  That is whole purpose behind this Academy.

Therefore, do NOT follow us or only follow us as we follow these laws of Cause and Effects.  The principles that always work.  Learn THEM.


Yes, The Academy Is For Tweaking

Yes, the Academy is also for tweaking individuals to greater heights and this is true.  It will take just about anyone, anywhere at anytime to become even better without question.

It really doesn’t matter how great or near-great one thinks they are, you can be even better and this Academy will take you there.  No pretense about it.  Guaranteed.

But, the Academy was originally designed for people like the President, the “Basket Cases” of Basket Cases who said, “Enough is enough.  I want more in life.  What do I have to do?  It must be legal and above board, but I’m willing to learn.  Someone show me.  Please.”

We’ve learned not everyone was or is as far down as he was and because of that, have relented this Academy to those who just want a tweaking rather than the complete overhaul.

It has been boiled down to only 26 weeks 1 hour a day.  

Consider the Mission Statement & the Syllabus and how you will grow.


Growth Is Assured

Going through this Academy as a willing student, whether a great, a near-great, a wanna-be-great or the other extreme of being a basket case or anywhere in the middle, you can’t help but grow substantially.

You cannot understand nor presently see your awesome potential.  It will unfold before your eyes.

Sometimes with leaps and bounds.  Sometimes step by step.  Some small and some large.  It doesn’t matter.  You will make progress beyond your wildest expectations imaginable.

Again, congratulations.

Taking this Academy WILL set YOU apart.  YOU will be somebody.  Somebody special.  Unique.  Truly uniquely special.  We love it.  One more person has made the toughest decision of their lifetime.


Have YOU made the toughest decision of YOUR life?