What Are True Leaders?

If you are in a leadership position, when you face set backs or crises, what do YOU do?

True leaders are courageous enough to be receptive to and investigate issues that come before them with an open mind.  This is done without preconceived which are oftentimes misconceived notions, and even and especially in regards to the non-politically-correct sensitive issues.
Once a “true leader” does that, then they decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. True strong leaders then are willing to take a stand on their decision whether it is politically correct or not.
In other words, they prove all things before holding fast to whatever they view is right.
And then act to stand up for what is right quickly without hesitation as if nothing to loose and nothing can stop them.
If necessary, not to apologize nor compromise but as a real true strong leader willing to go in the face attacking sometimes the impossible.  And with a shock and awe offensive to confront the confrontation not just to subdue the enemy-at-the-moment as a wimp might but win and win decisively so all know who the true leader is.
They are true men and true women setting the standard for those around them to follow.
That and so much more is taught here at www.agslifeacademy.org as part of how to THINK for yourself.  Especially in times of set backs and crises.
The question of how to do that without being offensive is the key and also taught so all win successfully with peace, harmony, joy and love for all.
All that for $2147 and 6 months one hour a day investment per person.  With the very practical Work Study Program the course investment may be reduced and even to a debt-free status at the end.
Seriously and guaranteed.
Without that true leader attitude, bluntly, you don’t deserve a Diploma from AGS Life Academy.