Where do you fit?

Who Is This Academy For?

It could easily be said the AGS Life Academy, here online available 24 hours a day for YOUR convenience, is geared for EVERYBODY in the world. At all levels of living. In ALL economies. Nationwide or internationally.

Perhaps best in a declining or worse recession-depression chaotic crisis type economy.

Assuming YOU are a human being and breathing. If YOU do that – are breathing, then this Academy is for YOU.

For example, if you are involved whether officially or unofficially or self-appointed or assumed or affiliated in any way with any of these “functions” listed below, YOU can learn something to aid that role you hold or another role handed you due to this program even better and be loved more outstandingly than you have been before.

In addition, YOU can do that role more effectively and in less time while living beyond YOUR wildest expectations could ever imagine and those above, below or around you profusely thanking YOU for having taken this short 26 weeks (6 months) program.

YOU can have true HOPE for the future. Winning leadership thrust upon YOU like you wouldn’t believe. Be amazed at YOUR success going forward. In any economy.


It doesn’t matter what position in the world you hold or how YOU may define yourself or in what capacity you’re doing whatever you’re doing, this Academy is for YOU.

It really was designed for YOU. Individually YOU. And YES, even tailored to YOU. Take the program and see how it does that successfully.

Within 26 weeks, YOU can live life not only more abundantly, but in peace, harmony, love and joy inexpressible from all those above, below and around YOU and they will love YOU a lot more profoundly for taking this program.

And respect YOU a lot more as well.

Can’t help it. Cause and effect.

Take the program and the benefits happen.

Consider – if YOU can fit any of these roles, YOU can benefit from this Academy:

1. International leaders

2. National or government officials at all levels – whether by:

  • politics
  • a coup
  • assumed
  • flattery or who you know
  • appointed
  • assigned
  • other

3. Businesses / self-employeds / contractors – (small, medium, large, super large, international regardless of industry or profession)

  • owners / partners
  • shareholders
  • board of directors
  • presidents
  • CEOs or officers
  • managers / supervisors / department heads
  • assistants
  • employees or staff
  • full time
  • part time
  • volunteers
  • contractors
  • associated with
  • consultants

4. Households of all sizes and shapes and makeup

  • families
  • men
  • women
  • children
  • extended families
  • servants (have or are)

5. Individuals

  • not listed above and yet part of above
  • employees
  • unemployeds
  • under-employeds
  • self-employeds
  • students
  • children
  • retirees

In Other Words


It doesn’t matter if YOU are currently holding this position or a combination of them. Or, a former or even retired from these roles. Or, perhaps, you aspire to be in that role.

Whether you might be new in the position or been there a long while or perhaps planning on becoming any of the above or creating your own whatever, this Academy is for YOU.

Doesn’t matter your past or current or soon-to-be situation – a great, a near-great, a wanna-be great, a delinquent or ex-convict, a down-and-outer Basket Case, or worse.

In other words, if YOU are breathing, this Academy is for YOU. Simple as that.

One Thing However

One thing is asked for however.

Please, be willing to go through the Academy with an open mind.

Please do NOT be prejudiced with pre-conceived, perhaps mis-conceived ideas. Be receptive and open to what is presented.

That includes us. Do not follow us unless we are following these laws that are being taught here in this Self-Help educational Academy.

You can determine what YOU want to do with what is presented later as some of the other pages indicate and teach.

Initially, just go through the Academy for what it provides. You retain the control in what you accept or reject or hold till later in making decisions about.

This category of rejecting outright the possibility of something being fantastic before it is presented is perhaps the only category of human beings living anywhere on earth this Academy is not geared for.

The closed mind.

Everybody else, yes. A resounding yes.

The Self-Help doers of the world, yes.


Then, … in 26 weeks with only 1 hour a day or however long it may take you to complete the program, YOU can then know you can go anywhere YOU want and be welcomed and sought out and do whatever YOU want how YOU want when YOU want and why YOU want.

Imagine what that time will be like. Think about that. Consider the possibilities…

Go ahead and dream. It’s OK. You’re allowed to dream.

Dream big dreams as they really can come to pass. Even in this unsettled age.

Your future really is in your hands. 26 weeks 1 hour a day is all it may take.

Think we’re kidding? Test us. Try it out. That’s now YOUR challenge.

Then …

Welcome to YOUR new beginning!