Work Study Program

Work Study Program is simply finishing your education debt-free.

Get your valuable education that does cost money while you pay for it by intern volunteering on various projects during the education period so that at the end of the studies, the education has been paid for completely.

Nothing for nothing in the world doesn’t work or work well so it is not valued.

This work study program is a simple arrangement known up front where the student has a vested interest for the knowledge they are studying for and acquiring – what they receive out of the arrangement.  Their portion of the internship.

To repeat a section on the home page of AGS Life Academy

This Academy is not to feed a person for a day, but to TEACH a person to feed themselves … forever.  And well.  Very well.

First, comes knowledge, then comes understanding before wisdom and finally, greatness. 

A fine-tuned tweaking, or partial upgrading, or total transformation, or whatever is appropriate for YOU, while YOU, as a student, remain in total control each step of the stunning-results upgraded way.  In some cases, all it will take is a tweaking for these startling floodgates to open.  That’s The AGS Life Academy way.  Only one hour a day!  That’s right.  One hour a day for 26 weeks.  (That’s 6 months.)  
And, yes, shockingly, … auditing the private do-it-yourself-but-not-by-yourself Academy online step-by-easy-step can be FREE or through the Work Study Program!

6 Month Program In Less than 6 Months or Longer Than 6 Months

Yes, the Academy is flexible depending on the needs of the student.
Yes, we state 1 hour a day for 26 weeks (6 months) as this is the way the Academy was designed.  To be completed in 26 weeks (6 months).
Yet, the Academy can be accomplished in less time than that by increasing the 1 hour a day to 3 or 4 or perhaps upto maybe 6 to 8 hours a day.
The program may then be finished in as little as 5 to 8 weeks for those aggressive “want-it-now” type students.  It may also take upto a full year for those who are not go-getters doing their own thing at their own pace.
Whichever pace the student wants to address the program is fine with AGS Life Academy as long as the material is finally gone through and learned.  We are flexible to serve the student as they need to be served knowing this may need to be changed periodically during the academic period in question.

How does the Work Study Program work?

Here’s a few examples tailored around a specific life direction a student may have chosen.  This field may be chosen or changed at any time and that is alright as the education can be easily adapted for any and all fields one might want to choose and at any time or age in their life.
The Diploma Program is valued at $2097 with the Registration Fee of $50 for a total of $2147.  That’s the bill for each student to take the Diploma Program.
They should provide some up front portion of that, say $500 and the balance of $1647 they will work off in a variety of projects while studying.
There is a certain amount of Work Study Program in all levels of AGS Life Academy programs.  Some more than others.  Even the FREE Audit Program.
That is the way of the Academy.
We do want students to learn giving, sharing, cooperating first hand getting them to incorporate this volunteering way of life expecting nothing in return in their thinking.  Not everything is for profit, money, greed, self.  Our students must learn to think of others.
For example, they may have a desire to enter the journalism, public relations, marketing or sales industry.  Then, their work projects would be in those fields writing articles or blogs for various media, shares or tweets on Social Media sites, reviewing and constantly looking for ways to upgrade the Academy.
This becomes a win-win situation for the student as well as the Academy and a by-product to the world at large.
Assuming a student wanted to teach others, they could become an assistant to the Dean of Students involved with other students welcoming and encouraging and coaching them along with their personalized studies.
For those interested in management type programs perhaps a different set of plans could be implemented even leading to future management and other opportunities with AGS Life Academy in various countries around the world.
In other words, AGS Life Academy is flexible to tailor the Academy around the student while for the most part, the content of each course remains the same.  Once the internship activities are established, we will be monitoring them all as you proceed.
The Work Study Program will not start for the student until the student begins Module 1 of the Foundation Program.  All the Prerequisites must have been completed first.  As a reminder those Prerequisites include:

  • Orientation – Part 1 How to get the most out of this Academy.
  • Orientation – Part 2 – Tailor it all to YOU.
  • The typical day.
  • Obvious Adams: The story of a successful businessman

Concerning Textbooks

There are 11 textbooks that are required for the entire program.  These may be acquired anywhere the student wants to obtain them.  Some students may already have some of these courseworks in their own personal library and after the Academy will want them in their own personal library for outstanding reference material on an ongoing basis.
Assuming one will acquire all 11 textbooks from wherever they choose – Amazon, eBay, Barnes n Noble, etc., they should not invest more than $150 combined for all 11 textbooks to be delivered to their home or office.